Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pre-school Playtime Idea:

There are many fun ways to learn and play with our Silhouette Shapes Playtime Cards. Our Household Objects set will come in handy on a rainy day.

Here is one idea:

Have your child find objects in your own house that match the silhouette objects on their cards.

See how many your child can find. 

For smaller objects, you can gather a variety of items from around your home [include objects from your selected cards] and spread them out on a table top or on the floor. Ask your child[ren] to identify the object on a card and then find a similar object from the pile. If your child selects an item that is not the same, ask why he or she chose that object. Maybe they were both circular, or both straight. Give your child an opportunity to express the reasoning behind his or her decision.

If you have several children, you could make it a game. Who can find a match first? Or hand each child a group of cards; who can match their group first?

Have fun playing together today!

NOTE: Children should not be encouraged to play with sharp objects. The scissors used in this exercise are play scissors intended for young children to practice using this tool. Other cards in our Household Objects set, such as the "knives" card, are not suitable for this lesson unless specifically matched with "play" items.  Please use common sense when preparing this exercise for your students.

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